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Bizarre Case of "Dry Drowning" Death

A mother in Charleston, South Carolina, is grieving the bizarre death of her 10-year-old boy. 

On Sunday, Johnny Jackson begged his mother to let him and his sister swim for the first time.  After swimming, the family had a normal walk home with no signs of anything being wrong with the boy.

About an hour after the swim, Johnny decided to take a nap.  The coroner says that's when the pool water the 10-year-old had ingested filled his lungs.

Dr. Jairy Hunter, Medical Director of Trident Health System, says, "the fluid washes away the normal chemicals that hold the lungs open.  The small airways of the lungs collapse and allow water to enter into the lungs causing difficulty breathing and difficulty exchanging oxygen and air".

The child's death is referred to, in lay terms, as a dry drowning.

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