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Group Alleges Artificial Dyes in Food Dangerous

In the past, the Center for Science in the Public Interest has blasted popular foods like pizza and donuts.  Today, its target is artificial dyes. 

The CSPI claims that synthetic dyes, like yellow 5, red 40, and 6 others can lead to behavioral problems in children. It claims that's why we are seeing an increase in symptoms of attention deficit disorder.  Their goal is to remove food products with artificial dyes from the shelves completely.  

The Executive Director of CSPI, Dr. Michael Jacobson, said,  "Today we're urging the food and drug administration to ban artificial food dyes in order to protect children."  And concerned parent, Judy Mann, adds that, "The food supply is booby trapped you almost can't tell unless you read every word every label where you're going to find this stuff."

The CSPI says that until artificial dyes are banned, parents should look for healthy alternatives.  Meanwhile, FDA officials say that these dyes are safe for the general population and that they have no plans change the status of artificial dyes.

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