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Safety Alert: Experts Warn of 100 Degree Dangers

With a fifth day of 100-degree temperatures on tap for the South Plains, health experts warn of the ever increasing chance of heat related illness and even death. They say the longer we hit the 100-degree mark, the harder it is for your body to cool off.

At 10 p.m.  Tuesday night it was still 90-degrees in southwest Lubbock.  With conditions like these, a lot of folks are trying to beat the heat, and experts say it's important to know the proper way to cool down.

Whether you're working through the heat or simply enjoying the South Plains' sweltering temperatures, everyone agrees.

"It's hot," Julie Lewelling said. 

Lewelling took advantage of the YWCA Sun and Fun Swimming Pool Tuesday.

"It's a nice, cool, pool," Lewelling said.

Just being in the water isn't enough, according to YWCA Aquatics Director Rachel Forbes.

"They still have to drink lots and lots of water," Forbes said. 

Heat exhaustion is a large concern when temperatures reach the century mark.

"The hotter it is the quicker you are going to get drained," Forbes said. 

If you don't take a break and let your body temperature drop, exhaustion can turn much worse.

"If you don't take care of it you can pass out; heat exhausting leads to heat stroke, and that's fatal," Forbes said. 

Here's what to watch out for: if you stop sweating, feel nauseous or begin to vomit, feel light-headed, or pass out, it's time to seek medical attention immediately. Even if you're not outside, three digit temps can still take a toll.

"Even if you're in your house, your air conditioning isn't going to work as well and going in and out, you just need to make sure that you stay in a cool place longer, as opposed to if the temperatures were in the 80's," Forbes said. 

"The main thing is to try to take lot of breaks when you're in the sun, drink lots of water, and stay cool the best you can," Forbes added. 

This is information to keep in mind all summer long, because forecasters predict this season to be a scorcher.

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