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The Mighty Putty: Does It Work?

Billy Mays is seen using Mighty Putty to pull an 80,000 lb. tractor trailer! You've got to be kidding me.  Plus, this product promises it can fix, fill, seal almost anything and hold up to 350 pounds.

We called on the guys at Hurst Farm Supply to help us on this one. We were all very skeptical this was going to work.  I'm going to start out easy.  This broken coffee mug needs a new handle.  I broke off just a small amount to mix then applied it to the mug. We'll let that dry for 45 minutes.

Meanwhile, the guys are making a palette for 350 pound weights. We have to see if this stuff is as mighty as it claims. John Berry, my news photographer, mixed this one up for me as I operated the camera.

"We're making a chain link out of the Mighty Putty," he said. Yes, we made two thick links. One was to hold all this weight and the other was to pull this 12,000 pound tractor. As we let those dry, we moved on to the next project.

We want to see if the putty can seal up this hose with a hole in it.  "Let's see, it's been an hour," I said.

Can this link handle 350 pounds?   "Look at that!  It didn't even lift it," said John Reeves, Hurst Farming Salesman. 

That didn't take long at all.  "I could break it with my hands," I said.

Look what it did with the hose.  The putty stuck to it, but it didn't stop the leak. 

 Next we moved outside to the 12,000 pound tractor! We were all excited to see the outcome, but wouldn't you know, it didn't take long to break.  I guess it wasn't so mighty after all. 

But, we came back to the same place two weeks later.  That's how long this link has been curing.   We tried pulling the same tractor and again, the Mighty Putty breaks immediately with just the slightest tug.

The only thing that seemed to be solid was the coffee mug.  It held water with no problem and the handle didn't break.

Thanks to our sister station, KFVS, we were able to see that the Mighty Putty can actually pull 13,000 pounds if it cures for 24 hours. And, it was also able to hold three cinder block bricks, but not for a long time. The link broke after some time.

They even tried it on dry wall and determined it was hard to sand, and it was the same story to repair a broken chair leg. 

So we can clearly determine, the Mighty Putty has the ability to be mighty, it's just not as handy as you think.

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