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Food for Thought Report 6.5

As the temperatures across the South Plains increase health inspectors are moving their inspections outdoors.

"Pools are suppose to be inspected every month by (the health department), but by the establishment they should be checking this water no less than twice a day. This is what we do pretty much from May until September is make sure that our pools are safe for families to enjoy," health inspector Jennifer Sedia said.

Just like Lubbock restaurants, public and semipublic pools - like apartment and neighborhood pools - must undergo surprise inspections. The Falls Tennis and Athletic Club aced their inspection last week; so, that's where we met up with Jennifer this week to explain what it is she looks for to keep your family safe.

"There are certain violations that require closure, immediate closure and we close the pool immediately."

First, Jennifer checks the overall cleanliness of the pool, "Even though the water could look clear and look really nice, it could be really contaminated if they don't treat it right."

"There are a lot of different illnesses - from skin disease, to probably intestinal disease - you can get from swimming in contaminated water. There (are) microorganisms, there's a lot of things in the environment that are going to be in the water, so what happens (is) they have to use a sanitizer to kill this microorganism so it doesn't hurt people."

Jennifer says that's why checking the pool's water chemistry and chlorine levels is so important, "We don't want the pool to be too high, and we don't want it to be too low. Too low it's not going to kill the microorganisms that can hurt people, and then too high it's going to be toxic. It's going to start hurting and burning their skin. It could be really bad to the point where it could burn their nasal passages and stuff like that."

But there's more to a safe pool then just clean water.

"Main drains have to have a cover, and those are very important because the hazardous of suction."

But Jennifer doesn't stop there, down to the lifeguard's whistle and ring buoy, she checks the entire pool area to make sure all regulations being followed so that when your family hits the pool this summer so all you have to worry about is having fun.

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Food for Thought 6.5
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