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Neighbors Help Clean-up After Barn Fire Kills 14 Horses

Neighbors worked together to help bury 14 race horses that died Wednesday afternoon in a barn fire.

The fire took over three hours to control, and only one horse survived.  After being rescued from the blaze, the horse was left blind and severely burned. 

Doctors suggested the best thing for the horse is to be put to sleep.  Neighbor Wade Wood says he was first one to notice the fire, and immediately helped out. 

"I come from a race horse family I was raised with horses all my life.  Horses are a big part of my life and it hurts.  Whether they're mine, they're yours, whomever when you see horses that need help, people want to help. I do," says Wood. 

The cause of the fire has not yet been determined.  The fire marshal says he will investigate the fire, as soon as the winds die down.

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