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Raid On The Home and Businesses of A Tahoka School Board Member

NewsChannel 11 has learned why authorities raided the home and businesses of a long-time Tahoka school board member last week.

Local, state and federal officers entered Joe Calvillo's home, his bail bond business and eight-liner business just more than a week ago.

On Thursday, we obtained copies of the search warrants used to execute the raid.  Authorities will not say what evidence was taken in the raid only that no eight-liners were seized from the Lucky 7's game room in Tahoka. However, in these warrants NewsChannel 11 has learned police had authority to search and seize documents and information relating to the operation of illegal gambling devices.

On the morning of May 28, the district judge for the 106th Judicial District signed these search warrants for three Tahoka locations. The warrants include Tahoka School Board Member Joe Calvillo's home, his bail bond business and the Lucky 7's game room. The warrants allowed federal, state and local officers to seize any and all evidence that could link the businesses to gambling and organized crime. More specifically, computers, surveillance records, bank records and business records between business partners could be taken.

The warrant for Calvillos' home also commands officers to search two vehicles, a 2004 Black Hummer and a 2008 Black Ford Pickup.

At the Lucky 7's game room, the warrants allowed for the search and seizer of proceeds and evidence to include any and all gambling devices.  The warrant also included gift tokens and credit tickets that are redeemable for cash.

"The supreme court said that eight liners are illegal when you are paying out cash or something that can be used like cash," John Grace, Assistant District Attorney with the Lubbock County Civil Division said. 

Grace says eight liners are not illegal in the State of Texas, but it is against the law for customers to win prizes worth more than five dollars.

"If you are giving away TV's, video records, barbeque grills those they better be able to show the whole sale value is less than five dollars," Grace added.

At this time, no one has been arrested or charged. Police tell us they are still going through evidence taken in the raid. We are told a Lynn County Grand Jury should hear the case sometime next month. For Your Cell Phone
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