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Blind Law School Graduate Prepares For the Bar Exam

After years of law school - it's time for Texas Tech Law School graduates to pass the Bar Exam.   And for recent grad Earl Oaks the story's no different, except for the fact Earl is completely blind. The Houston area native transferred to Tech after studying Sociology at Ohio State. He says the secret to his success is no different than any other students - hard work.    

"It's very difficult, but I keep in mind that everything is possible. So different things like, knowing it took me longer to finish an assignments, and sometimes I'd miss out on the Power Points on the board in classrooms and different things like that. But I keep in mind that if I just do the extra work, put in the extra time, that it'll pay off," says Oaks.

Earl also served as a student mentor at Parkway Elementary School, teaching, and counseling underprivileged students.


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