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Home Offers Concern Arnett Benson Residents

Letters offering to buy homes in Lubbock's Arnett Benson area arrived in neighbor's mailboxes over the past few months. Some residents tell us they've received multiple offers from Plainview based Wells Home-Solutions. Home owners are concerned what a buy-out could do to their community. Thursday night, they shared those worries.

"This is the third time that I've gotten a letter from this person that wants us to see to him," Arnett Benson Neighborhood Association President Natalia Salazar said. 

"There are several people that have gotten this letter," Salazar added. 

Thursday night, Salazar and her neighbors met at the Maggie Trejo Super Center to figure out what the letter is all about.

"I had phone calls coming into city hall asking me if I knew what was going on, if there was a development fixing to occur in Arnett Benson," Lubbock City Councilwoman Linda DeLeon said. 

DeLeon assured residents that the city of Lubbock has nothing to do with the unsolicited offers to buy homes. The letters are from Wells Home-Solutions, based out of Plainview. It tells folks if they ever considered selling their home, Wells Home-Solutions is very interested in making an offer.

"We just buy property to hold it for rental income and we don't have any redevelopment plans for that area," Matt Smith with Wells Home-Solutions said. 

Smith tells NewsChannel 11 they own property from Pampa to Midland.

"I've not seen this level of concern anywhere," Smith said. 

"A lot of the homeowners that live in the Arnett Benson Neighborhood are elderly, Hispanic, some of them don't speak English. So, they were all confused," Vickie Narbaez said. 

"I'm hoping residents will not sell their homes in Arnett Benson, because that's what happened in North Overton. We had so much rental property, and you saw a decay of the entire neighborhood," DeLeon said. 

"The rumors had been they want our area to house Tech," Salazar said. 

Smith says that's not a particular interest.

"I don't want any of the home owners there to feel threatened that we're going to come in and buy up all the property and turn it into a rental neighborhood, because that's just not the case. If someone doesn't want to sell, they don't sell. If they do want to sell, then we're interested in buying," Smith said. 

"I don't want to move, and I couldn't afford to move anywhere else," Salazar said. 

Smith tells NewsChannel 11 the reason the company is looking at the Arnett Benson area is because they believe it's the only neighborhood in Lubbock they will profit from.


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