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City Employees Unite For Jobs

Lubbock City employees are joining forces by forming a union. It's called The City of Lubbock Employee Association and Friday during their first meeting dozens of employees showed up in support.

But why do the employees need a union? NewsChannel 11 asked association president Kevin Overstreet that very question. This is what he said:

"I think now is a good time; I think there has been enough going on; you open up the paper on a daily basis and all you see is negative, negative, negative. Nobody thinks about the people down at the bottom; this is all about providing the best communication that we can from those folks to the city council to the upper management inside the city and we want to provide something that's positive and to give those guys a voice."

Overstreet adds, employees joining forces is a positive for the citizens of Lubbock and the city employees. Another big question stemming from this is whether or not the association will be able to strike. The answer is no their bi-laws will not allow them to do that or do anything to halt city government. Late this afternoon I spoke to mayor Tom Martin and he says he doesn't know much about this association forming - but he added he does not support city employees unionizing.  

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