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Houston Doctors Remove Tumor From Unborn Baby

Kerri McCarthy was six months pregnant when an ultrasound tech discovered that her baby had a non-malignant, but very dangerous, tumor that was the size of a grapefruit. 

The only way to save the baby was to remove the tumor as soon as possible.  In an extremely risky procedure, doctors at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston lifted mom's uterus out of her body, completely removed the tumor, and then put the uterus back into mom with the baby inside.

As it turns out, doctors perform surgeries like this about 100 times a year in this country.

Dr. Ed Yang, of Vanderbilt University, says, "Even within the last five to ten years our ability to maintain the pregnancy after such a large open operation on the fetus has become better and better.  And that explains the excellent result they had at Texas Children's". 

Chad McCarthy, the baby's father, adds, "We had been told that there was less than a 10% chance that she would make it. And so we wanted to pick a name that would be appropriate and so we named her Macie Hope ".

Macie Hope was born on May 7th, but the family only went public with their little miracle Friday.

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