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More Evidence That Driving & Talking Don't Mix

The evidence is growing that cell phone conversations are distractions for drivers. 

This latest study comes from the University of South Carolina where researchers say that they can see evidence in the brain that conversation interferes with a person's ability to focus on a visual task like driving.

Jeff Davidson, MBA, of the University of South Carolina, says, "You think you can be driving down the road and talking on your cell phone, but the brain is alternating between trying to pay attention to the road and speaking on the cell phone."

Studies continue, but with an estimated 70% of Americans on the road and ready to answer their nearby cell phones, some states have taken steps to ban hand held cell phones.  Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Utah, And the District of Columbia already have laws in place.  California and Washington State begin their bans on July 1st.  Many other states have laws restricting minors from driving and using cell phones. 

The study adds, however, that there is no proof yet that hands-free car chat is any less distracting.

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