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Sleep Deprivation a Serious Concern

People who say that they don't need much sleep are fooling themselves. There is scientific proof that sleep deprivation is dangerous. That is according to a new study published in the journal Neuroscience. It shows that while some sleep-deprived people think their brain is functioning just fine, scientists can actually look into the brain and see they are suffering what is described as a power failure.

Neurologist Dr. Michele Tagliati, says, "Our ability to maintain attention, to keep focusing, to pay attention to a certain task, seem to decrease. The study shows that if you have a good night of sleep, your ability to deal with attention lapses is different than if you don't sleep and you're much more prone to actually fall asleep and completely lose attention and again, this is particularly concerning because it can be catastrophic."

Dr. Tagliati says that one symptom is being interested in something on TV but then you shake yourself awake and realize you have missed it. In the study, researchers compared brain scans between people who had no sleep and others who had a good night's rest. Moreover, they found sleep deprived subjects had sudden attention lapses, which they say is a real concern if that could happen while driving or working on a dangerous job.

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