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City Employees Band Together For Job Security

Safety in numbers is the belief of Lubbock City Employees as they join forces in a union for job protection. It's called "The City of Lubbock Employee Association" and the organization's president, Kevin Overstreet, says the need for the association stems from the negative politics at city hall.

"The staff as a whole wants to do their part to make sure their job is secure in every way," Overstreet said.

The group joined together for job security in the wake of a new city hall administration and new city council members.

"There is a lot of uncertainty; you open up the paper almost on a daily basis and see negative politics day in and day out, and then of course the FBI running the search warrant on city hall; there is a lot of uncertainty out there," Overstreet said.

State law provides any group, civil servant, or other to join together as a union. However, this union or association will be a little different. State law does prohibit the group from striking or halting city government for any reason. So why have a union? Overstreet says it all has to do with the people at the bottom of the chain of command in city government.

"Nobody thinks about the people down at the bottom; this is all about providing the best communication that we can from those folks to the city council to the upper management inside the city and we want to provide something that's positive and to give those guys a voice," Overstreet says.

Overstreet adds The City of Lubbock Association is designed to be a positive, non-partisan organization to benefit every employee and civil servant. This is the first union of its kind for city employees though the Lubbock police and fire departments have a similar union.

I called Mayor Tom Martin this evening to get comment from him. He said he didn't know enough about the group so he wasn't willing to go on camera, but he did say he does not support city employees unionizing. For Your Cell Phone
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