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Gas Prices Continue To Go Higher and Higher

It goes without saying, Lubbockite's are fed up at the pump. And with prices just a pump or two away from hitting the dreaded $4 mark here in Lubbock some we talked to are thinking of other ways to get around.

"I was just thinking that I needed to get my bike out," says Patricia Guzman. Guzman says prices at the pump have taken her bottom line to rock bottom.

"Everything is going up. I'm paying double of what I used to pay monthly. I'm having to do a lot without..," Guzman added.

And Patricia's not alone. Nearly everyone we talked to Sunday afternoon tell the same story - gas prices are just too high and they're scared.

"I can barely handle what I'm paying now," one Lubbockite said.

"It hits the pocketbook real hard and heavy," said Kyle Harvey.

Harvey came to fill up his GMC Yukon... It was on empty.

"It's going to take me almost 75 to 80 to fill this up," Harvey said.

$75 to be exact, But that's the limit. The pump shut off at $75. He could have put five more gallons in. "It' ridiculous," said Harvey.

But some have taken their pleasure to the pump.

"Mostly for pleasure but I got it for gas prices," said Chris Thomann about his Harley Davidson.

Thomann also has a Ford Mustang but as you might expect, its sitting at home. "When I fill up my car it's going to hurt but when I fill up this it'll be like 12 dollars," Thomann said.

And Thoman adds that $12 will take him about 150 miles making others wonder about alternative modes of transportation.

Let me take you back in time for a moment in gas price history. Today's national average is $4 per gallon. Yesterday, it was $3.98. A month ago it was $3.67. And a year ago we were paying $3.10 per gallon of regular gas, that's $.90 less than today.

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