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The Difference Between Generic and Brand Name Drugs

When you go to the drug store for an over the counter product, do you reach for a brand name you know or do you look for the generic store brand with the same main ingredient?

You pay more for the big name, but is the store brand just as good? Pharmacists will tell you that generally, the only difference is the price. "The active ingredients in these products arechemically equivalent. Some of the binders might be different, the coloring might be different, but the effects are exactly the same." says Gregg Casaron a Wal-Mart Pharmacist.

Dr. Ruth Nemire of Ouro College of pharmacy says, "Both of them for allergy. The real big difference here is that you can see for ten tablets it's 10.99, so that's about a dollar-ten a tablet and for the generic it's 70 cents a day."

If you're wondering about safety, the Food and Drug Administration requires all store brand drugs to meet the same FDA standards.

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