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Police Say Thieves are Targeting Your Gas Tank

"We'd come Monday morning and try to do bus run and the tanks would be empty," said Boardwalk Administrator Stace Jones. 

Several vans sit in the parking lot of Boardwalk, an after school summer camp. During the day these vans are picking up children, but at night they are the target of gas theft. 

"It definitely makes you frustrated more so because we are trying to pick up children. When we get here the vans are totally empty so we have got to figure out a way to get gas in the vans and pick up the children we need to pick up," said Jones. 

Jones says several times the gas has been siphoned out of a couple of his vans, robbing him of more than $80 of fuel. He says something had to be done. 

"We put those nice little locks on there. We called the Lubbock Police Department and that's what they recommended and so far, that has been a big deterrent," said Jones.    

But Sgt. Mark Watkins says gas siphoning is not the biggest trend they are seeing in gas theft right now.

"From what I'm seeing now, they're puncturing gas tanks, usually pick-ups or other large vehicles, and putting a container under that vehicle and drain it into that," said Watkins.   

Daco Fire Equipment has had their gas stolen four times now, and has gone to different measures to prevent the theft. 

"We went through and put locking gas caps on everything, but that didn't stop them. They started breaking the locking gas caps off so we just left them with regular gas caps so when he told me that the fuel was empty I was thinking that, we'll they siphoned it out of the truck again come to find out they punched a hole in the gas tank in the bottom," said Service Manager Jeremy Stewart. 

Thieves got away with more than $100 of fuel. Now Stewart says they pull all the vans into a garage at night. 

"It's kind of a pain really because everyone is use to working up 4:45 p.m. or 5 p.m., and then picking up and going home and now you have to stop at 4:15 p.m. to make sure everything is pulled around and make sure you get everything inside and all around its hurts everybody," said Stewart. 

Police say if you are not able to park in a garage at night, they strongly suggest that you get a locking gas cap and also try to park in a well lit area. 

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