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Lubbock Realtors Back In Class To Help Home Owners Avoid Foreclosure

The growing foreclosure problem nationwide is also being felt in the Hub City. Each month more than 130 homes are foreclosed on in Lubbock County. However, homeowners are not the only ones trying to find a solution. Some area realtors are now back in class, which could possibly help save your home.

As the foreclose crisis continues to grow, more often Lubbock area realtors are faced with the problem. A problem that some do not know how solve.

"We didn't know what to do. They were facing foreclosure and some of our clients we'd go out and list the house and we didn't even know they were in foreclosure," Michelle Craig, Keller Williams Realtor.

So on this day some Lubbock realtors are learning how to help homeowners keep their home or sell it and not ruin their credit.  Michael Kleinstub is the President of Safe at Home Solutions. He says in classes like this he teaches realtors how to spot if a client may be near foreclosure.

"There's been a lot of time the home owners have contacted us and said I'm behind on my payments, I've gotta get rid of my house but I owe a lot more than it's worth. Then they call the realtor and the realtor goes oh my god they didn't tell me," Kleinstub said.

Kleinstub says it comes down to understanding how to work with the bank and having someone who knows the system to help fix the problem. "If you look at the other option of throwing the keys on the kitchen table and having seven to ten years of bad credit the other option of contacting a realtor or us to help you and getting out from underneath it's a huge difference," Kleinstub said.

To ask for help, that could be the difference between keeping or losing your home.

"If people know immediately that there is somewhere to turn they don't wait until the last minute then definitely I think it will reduce the amount of foreclosures," Craig said.

To learn more about Safe at Home Property Solutions click here or call 806-577-3169.

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