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Tips for Sandal Worthy Feet

Summertime means sandals, right? Actually, one in four Americans cover up their feet because of crusty, nail infections. The good news is that there is a pill to fix that. It is called Lamisil, but it's not cheap it takes months to do its magic, and you need blood work during the course of treatment to make sure the drug is not causing any damage to your liver. 

Lamisil is your best bet but if you want to try something cheaper first, Dr. Loretta Ciraldo, an infectious disease specialist, says to start by finding a clean, dry area to remove your shoes, wash and clean your feet, and then blow dry your toe nails. And, for what it's worth, she says that some natural remedies, like tea tree or oregano oil, work for some people, just put a drop on the nail twice a day.  She also advises that you can try soaking your nails in vinegar once a week for 20 minutes. Dr. Ciraldo adds that vinegar works because, "...this is an acid and it has an anti fungal effect." Just for looks, Dr. Ciraldo suggests that you scrub the nails with baking soda to whiten them while they heal.  

Again, the prescription Lamisil is probably your best bet, but taking care of your feet is a good investment anyway. Even though a virus often causes nail fungus, a tiny crack in the nail that you might not even notice can allow moisture to get in and lead to fungus.

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