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Rising Gas Prices Help Drive Up Scooter Sales In Lubbock

As you continue to pay more to drive on four wheels, many are now choosing two wheels. Scooter dealers in the Hub City say sales are up and with the price of gas, nearly four dollars a gallon, dealers do not expect sales to slow any time soon.

The wheels are smaller.  The doors are gone and cargo space is minimal. "You can put your helmet in there or a small grocery bag," Cycle Shack Owner Tony Schertz said.

However, the gas mileage is mighty. "This scooter is a Vespa. It is a top of the line scooter. It gets 60 to 70 miles to the gallon," Schertz said.

A potential huge pocket book savings has many in Lubbock spending between $2,000 and $6,000 on a scooter. Schertz saying once gas prices jumped scooter sales followed. "It's gone from one or two a day to five or six a day looking," Schertz added.

NewsChannel 11 asked Family Powersports Sales Manager Jeff Renegar," Where are all your scooters?" Renegar said, "We've sold a bunch of them lately."

Renegar says scooter sales have more than quadrupled per month. Before this summer, Renegar says he sold about three scooters a month. Now, more than 12 are driven off this lot each month.

NewsChannel 11 asked, "What are people saying they want it for?" Renegar said, "To save gas and ride around town. People are tired of spending several hundred dollars on gas each week when they can spend a few dollars a month."

It is a search to cut daily costs that Schertz says has made finding even a used scooter nearly impossible.

"Everyone wants to save money so everyone wants to buy them," Schertz said.

DPS says scooters with a 50cc engine or larger which averages 35 to 40 miles per hour requires a motorcycle license to drive. Scooters must also follow the same road rules as a car. If you are under the age of 21, it is illegal to ride without a helmet. However, police recommend a helmet at any age before you hit the open road.

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