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A New Quick Procedure for People who Snore

One out of four people is a habitual snorer. The problem is more frequent in males, in the overweight, and it worsens with age. Although there are many remedies for snoring, a 10 minute procedure is promising quiet nights to a lot of folks. It is called Laser Assisted Uvula Plasty, or LAUP, for short.

"It's just the use of the laser to shorten the uvula, which is the little thing that hangs down the back of the throat. We generally don't remove the uvula, we just shorten it. If you don't have real large tonsils, if you don't have any nasal obstruction and if you are not real overweight or excessively old, usually you're a candidate," says Dr. James R. Spires, a head and neck surgeon.

The LAUP procedure has an 85% success rate for those who qualify. Patients can opt for repeated sessions in the doctor's office spaced out over several weeks or get it done all at once in an overnight hospital stay. One Lubbock doctor says can count on a really bad sore throat for a few days after the procedure, but that most local ear nose and throat specialists offer this in Lubbock as a good way to reduce snoring.

The bad news is it is not cheap about $2,400 and unfortunately, insurance usually will not cover it. If you are interested, ask your doctor about the LAUP procedure to relieve snoring. The Lubbock doctor NewsChannel 11 interviewed by phone is Dr. Phillip Scolaro who does this procedure regularly for snoring.

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