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Lubbock Now Part of Salmonella Tomato Scare

Lubbock joins the cities affected by the tomato salmonella outbreak. The Lubbock Health Department announced yesterday that Lubbock has one of the more than 228 nationwide cases of salmonella poisoning.

The South Plains now has two reported cases of salmonella poisoning stemming from those tainted tomatoes. There was another in Hale County. 

"We found out late yesterday afternoon that Lubbock had the first case of salmonella saint paul which is the salmonella they're finding in the tomatoes," said Nancy Haney.

Haney is the new health services director for the Lubbock Health Department and she says at this point the state health department hasn't released the name of the person - only that Lubbock is now on the nationwide list of outbreak cities.

"The symptoms are very similar to any other salmonella case, just food poisoning type symptoms," Haney said.

And those symptoms may not show up for days after eating effected tomatoes so you need to know what not to eat.

"Not eating the round tomatoes or the Roma tomatoes, the cherry and the grape tomatoes are fine. Wash fruits and vegetables all the time. Make sure you're refrigerating all your food because salmonella and other food born illnesses come in lots of different types of food so wash and clean and keep them at the right temperatures and then most importantly, wash your hands," added Haney.

Haney says Lubbock's outbreak happened sometime between Mid-April and now. She says Lubbock's Health Department is still gathering information about this case

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