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Mayor Projects No Tax Increase For Lubbockites

With the cost of fuel and virtually everything else on the rise, Lubbock's mayor says not to worry about city tax hikes in the new budget.

I sat down with Mayor Tom Martin Sunday evening and he says even though city employee salary increases have not been included in the projections of the next city budget, he believes the next budget can include those salary increases. We have to take the increased gas price factor into account, fully fund all city services and still come out on top with no tax increase.

I asked, "Can you assure our viewers tonight that the budget that you will pass will not raise Lubbock's taxes?"

Martin replied, "At this time it appears that will be the case. Council has said that is what our goal is in preparing this budget. We feel it is our duty as elected officials in the city to keep the city budget in line when it comes to taxes and make those choices that are necessary to be able to provide the services that need to be provided yet live within our means."

Martin says the new budget is currently in the works and in the hands of the city manager. It should be presented to the city council in mid July to August and that will give the city council nearly two months to mill over the details before it has to go into effect on October 1st. For Your Cell Phone
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