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Consider This... Government Spending

Rising gas prices among other economic hardships are keeping West Texans awake at night as we struggle to make ends meet. To compound matters many employers are eliminating jobs to stay competitive or just keep their doors open.

 During times like this all of us seek out ways to spend less money. We might ask ourselves; does the money I'm spending on this item today still fulfill its original purpose?  Or am I just buying this out of habit?

Well, there is one group that doesn't seem to go through the line of questioning the rest of us do. And the reason they don't is because they are enabled by law to spend other people's money. I'm obviously talking about our government. According to USA Today, federal, state and local governments are hiring new workers, creating new jobs, at the fastest pace since the attacks on 9/11.

So consider this, while businesses are eliminating jobs and average Americans are struggling to make ends meet the government is adding jobs and spending more money. Well, somebody has to pay for those new jobs and it's you and I, the taxpayer. And it really doesn't seem to matter that you can't afford it right now.

So while it seems our presidential candidates are talking about tax redistribution and more tax on the wealthy what they should be talking about is how they are going to cut the size of government and reduce everybody's taxes.

Locally, we are off to a good start with the pledge by mayor martin to hold the line on the tax rate. I'd like to take it a step further and have them lower taxes to offset inflated home appraisals and get real tax relief. Why? Because we all know how to spend money, and less taxes means more money in your pocket, creating a better economy and a better West Texas.

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