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Lubbock Police Say Bike Theft On the Rise

Texas Tech student Dana Williams normally gets to summer school by bike, but on this day she must walk to campus.

"Actually within this month, I've had two bikes stolen in one month, both from the racks," said Williams. The racks are right outside of Williams' front door.

"After learning from the first bike, I got a bigger chain for the second bike and they still cut right through it," said Williams.    

Williams says she already plans to replace the second stolen bike.  "My dad already found one he is coming out sometime soon to bring me it - bike number three," said Williams. 

Police say in the last month over 40 bike thefts have been reported, some up to $1,400 in value. 

"We've seen quite a few bike thefts in the apartment complexes where a lot of college students reside because many college students have bicycles to go from one class to another," Sgt. Robert Ferguson.

Texas Tech student Dustin Cochlin says both his roommates' bikes were stolen. "My roommate and I left for class about 8 a.m., we returned around 10 a.m. in the morning and within that two hour time span my other bike was gone. So this is in broad daylight when they did it," said Cochlin. 

Now both students are taking new precautions to make sure nothing happens to their bikes. "I'm keeping it in my room. I'm over keeping my bikes outside," said Williams. 

"Now I just keep it inside so people can't steal it.  Our bikes were just outside our door, so people are not afraid to come up to you," said Cochlin. 

So what's peddling this recent theft spike? "I have seen quite a few bike thefts since the price of gas has been increasing," said Ferguson. 

Police advise people to know their bike's serial number. It's important to write it down, so if your bike does get stolen it will be easier to find. They also say if you can bring your bike inside your home or garage, do so. Although it may be a hassle to take it up stairs, it could save you in the long run.

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