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The Sewing Genie: Does It Work?

The makers of the sewing genie say it's a professional style machine but half the size and price. This little magic wonder costs about $30 which also includes spare spools, needles, and a foot petal.

We took our genie to The Quilt Shop and asked Jackie Reis to test it out for us. She got us started by cutting some material up. "This is very noisy," said Jackie about the Genie. Besides the noise, it did not take long to figure out if he Genie was working. "It seems to be sewing alright," she said.

Next, we wanted to see if the machine worked on thicker fabric, so we pulled out felt to sew on. While Jackie was sewing, she was quick to point out something. "You can see it tends to be a little tippy," Jackie said.

Jackie used the Genie to sew a few pieces of fabric together. She did not struggle with the machine at all, but she did admit, sewing on the bigger machine was a lot easier for her. "The stitch length looks fine and it looks like the stitch still is well balanced. At least when I pull it apart, you can't see any big white threads, so it's holding it quite closely together," she said. Not only does the Sewing Genie work, but it's also ideal for traveling as well.

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