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The Peticure: Does It Work?

Willis, Shelby and Pebbles will do anything for a treat. Even the sight of nail clippers doesn't bother them that much - except for Willis.  It's like he can smell clippers and when he does, he takes off to "Splitsville."

When it comes down to it though, these dogs hate to get their nails trimmed. That's where the Peticure may come in handy.  It is a Dremel-inspired tool that is basically a battery charged nail file for your pets. It's a pricey gadget and will cost you about $50 with shipping and handling. 

When I used regular clippers, Pebbles nail came out jagged and torn. At first, Pebbles was a little uneasy about the new device and she jerked her paw away a couple of times until she felt comfortable with it.  We filed three nails and you could see just how well the Peticure worked.  

I was getting used to this product and was ready to take on a bigger dog. Shelby had the same reaction as Pebbles, jerking her paw away several times before finally calming down.  When we got our chance and filed both her front paws, her nails were trimmed and seemed smooth to the touch.

Willis is a bigger dog, a Labrador mix, with a timid demeanor.  He was hiding from me and with good reason.  As soon as I tried to file, it was "Run Forrest Run." 

I think the Peticure is a good product and will work for pet owners who don't like using nail clippers for fear you might cut your dog.  I think it works!

To order the Peticure, (click here).

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