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Toddler Overdoses On Prescription Drug

"It's very dangerous and honestly it's not very smart," Lubbock Police Sergeant Ross Hester said.  An overdose on prescription medication put a Lubbock toddler in the hospital, and has her mother facing a charge of child endangerment. 

Police tell us the 2-year-old was released from the hospital Wednesday afternoon, and was doing well Wednesday night.  They say the child's mother gave her prescription medication meant to treat another child with attention deficit disorder. It caused a bad reaction that put the little girl in the hospital overnight.

Investigators are still trying to determine if this was a criminal act. They say they are working it as a criminal incident right now, until they learn otherwise. No matter how it turns out though, police say it was a dangerous situation.

"This particular medication is medication that was intended for another child and when the parent provided that medication to a second child, the second child suffered some ill effects from it," Hester said. 

He tells NewsChannel 11 the prescription, meant to treat Attention Deficit Disorder, left the toddler sick and unresponsive. "In this particular instance, you're dealing with ADHD and ADD. That particular treatment is designed to offset chemical imbalances in the brain, and if that medication is not intended for that particular individual, you can get all kinds of bad effects," Hester said. 

Fortunately, the little girl recovered. Her mother, 25-year-old Erica Gillentine now faces a charge of endangering a child.

"When you're dealing with this kind of situation, you're dealing with chemical balances in the brain and that medication for good, bad, or other is designed to modify some sort of imbalance, and if that imbalance doesn't exist, that medication is going to, for lack of a better word, bugger things up," Hester said. 

Police tell us the little girl and a sibling are in protective custody pending the outcome of this investigation. For Your Cell Phone
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