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DNA Evidence May Set Death Row Inmate Darlie Routier Free

New evidence may allow former Lubbock resident Darlie Routier to walk free after being on death row for the last 12 years.

Routier was convicted in 1996 of the stabbing death of her young son. She claims an intruder entered her Dallas area home in June of 1996, stabbed two of her children, and attacked her. The two boys both died, but she was just tried in one of their deaths. She was convicted and given the death penalty.

"Quite encouraged, this is a wonderful day," said Sarilda Routier when she found out DNA tests were granted to her daughter in law. 

Sarilda Routier is the mother-in-law of Darlie Routier who sits on death row. To this day Darlie denies that she was the one who stabbed her two boys to death, and her entire family supports her innocence.   

"The problem with this whole story and saga is they made up a story, they told it to the world and the world believed it," said Sarilda. 

On Wednesday the Texas Criminal Court of Appeals granted some DNA tests for Darlie's case. Testing will be performed on some evidence gathered at the scene such as blood on a night gown and a tube sock, and blood found on broken off door pieces.

"This is coming from them, (they say) that if this evidence was presented what would be today, then she would not be convicted," Sarilda said.

The prosecution that tried Darlie over ten years ago said she stabbed her children then stabbed herself. 

"The bottom line is whatever testing is done and the result is not going to exonerate her I don't even think it's going to show a third intruder," said Ex Prosecutor Toby Shook.   

But Sarilda says different.

"She is on death row for something she did not do.  She has been in a very small room for 12 years and the last time I saw her I said, you know Darlie you're my hero," said Sarilda.       

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