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Food for Thought Report 7.11

For the second week in a row there no one on the Top Performing list. But we do have a school and a Low Performer to tell you about.

Carver Early Learning Center receives one critical violation this week. A mechanical ware washer was not sanitizing at a rate of at least 50 ppm's.

Mr. Gatti's at 5001 50th Street is the only Low Performer this time with four critical violations.

  • Inspectors found cold foods at improper temperatures. Pasta salad was found at 53 degrees on a buffet line and 56 degrees in a reach in cooler. Cold foods should be kept at a minimum of between 41 and 45 degrees or cooler.
  • Employees were found not washing their hands between tasks.
  • Open drinks were found in the food prep area.
  • No date mark was found on products being held over 24 hours.

Other violations included heavily soiled walls and floors in the kitchen along with standing water, standing water in a reach in cooler, a drink station overflowing with ice, a freezer door that did not close properly, a reach in cooler with a sliding door that had missing pieces and that would not close, standing water and condensation dripping in a reach in cooler, shelves throughout the facility had missing or broken legs which did not allow for items to be a minimum of 6 inches off the floor, heavily soiled equipment, a reach in cooler holding at 54 degrees and no chemical test kits for chemical sanitation.

The Assistant Manager at Mr. Gatti's told us he could not comment on the inspection report, and that the General Manager would not be available for comment until Friday. The report shows all critical violations have been corrected.

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