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Scientists May Have Found the Cause of Asthma

A team of scientists say they believe they've made a breakthrough in the search to discover the cause of asthma. Over a five year period, 460 British and American families with at least two asthmatic children were studied. The research, led by South Hampton University's Medical School, claims to have identified the gene which makes asthma sufferers susceptible to things like dust mites, pollen, and air pollution. They call it Atom 33, and they believe it could be responsible for up to 40% of asthma cases.

"This is a huge step forward in terms of helping us finally put the jigsaw together, and it will make a difference in the future to people with asthma," says Donna Covey of the National Asthma Campaign.

However, if you suffer from asthma, be patient. Scientists developing drugs to target that gene say that could take up to eight years.

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