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Lubbock ISD Athletes Test Negative For Steroids

More than 10,000 student athletes across the state of Texas were recently tested for steroids and the results are in for the Lubbock Independent School District.

More than 300 Lubbock athletes were randomly tested for anabolic steroids this spring. All the tests came back negative. This comes after the Texas legislature passed a law that requires statewide, random drug testing for steroid use, including athletes in grades 9 through 12 last year.

Monterey high school football player Nathan Ambrose graduated this may, but was one of those tested.

"I was sitting in class and one of the administration principles came and got me out of class and a few other people in the classroom next to me. We got down to the gym, and they were like oh you have to sign these waiver forms for steroid testing and I was confused because I didn't know why. I was a senior and I was injury-prone so I didn't know why I was getting tested," Ambrose said.

Lubbock ISD Athletics Director Gary Gaines says each school was given 48 hours notice. He says an outside testing agency performed the tests.

"Once the drug testing agency gets on campus they (school principals) give the agency a list of the male and female athletes and they generate a random list from that list," Gaines said.

Gaines tells NewsChannel 11 that more random testing is expected throughout the year.

Statewide only two tests came back positive. If an athlete tests positive, he or she will be suspended from school for 30 days and will face further tests in order to be involved with athletics. 

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