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Hybrid Cars Are Hard To Find, But Are They the Best Choice

"We can't get them in fast enough for customers, as soon as we get them in they are basically leaving the same day with folks that have pre-ordered them," said Steve Exparza with Gene Messer Toyota. 

At Gene Messer Toyota there are almost 40 people on a waiting list for a hybrid.  The Toyota Prius is designed to get their best mileage in the city.

 "You waste most of your gas in the city either idling at stop lights or stop signs, so when you bring your car to a stop light or stop sign, it completely cuts off," said Exparza.    

That's when the battery takes over, helping you get 48 miles to the gallon.  The gas engine works with a set of batteries, an electric motor, and a computer controls the whole thing.

But hybrids can be more expensive. Gene Messer Ford told us that if you are looking to save money on fuel expenses, then a hybrid Escape might not be the car for you. 

We compared a 2008 hybrid escape to a 2008 regular Escape.  In five years you would be paying $7,000 for gas as opposed to $12,000 for gas for a regular escape, but the difference between the base prices for the two cars is almost $10,000.  It would be close to 10 years to even see the price difference between the two cars. 

"I can go to Dallas on a tank of gas in fact I went to Dallas and then Hubbard before I had to fill it up again," said Christy Patton a Toyota Prius driver.   

Patton says she couldn't imagine driving anything else.

"We have to start thinking about our environment and we are going to run out of fuel.  Never mind, that it's so expensive, it gives me a heart attack every time I go to the gas station and I didn't think I would see it over $4.00, well I have," said Patton. 

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