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Five Stung in Bee Attack

Five people were taken to the hospital Monday night after they were attacked by bees in central Lubbock.

The Lubbock Fire Department and EMS responded after a child was attack by bees at 1520 28th Street just after 6:30 p.m.

Battalion Chief Kelly Morman says the bees were very aggressive and had actually stung several people.

Fire fighters noticed the bees were coming from the side of the house. When they broke off a portion of the siding they found a large swarm of bees. The fire fighters then used a foam solution to smother and suffocate the bees.

Morman says if you encounter a large group of aggressive bees and are in a dangerous situation, call the fire department first. Otherwise contact a professional exterminator.

"We're not in the pest control business; we're in the life saving business. If it's a matter of life safety we will respond and do what we can to secure the area until the professionals can come in and actually exterminate the bees," Morman said.

Fire fighters closed a portion of the road to keep a crowd from forming near the bees.

Professional exterminators were called to the scene, but as of late Monday night the type of bees these were is unknown.

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