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HealthWise at 5 From 7.15

  • Plaato Procedure

There's good news for people at an increased risk for stroke. Experts are studying a new procedure called Plaato, and it may virtually eliminate the risk of Stroke without using blood thinners. Doctors thread a small catheter into the heart and place a cage-like device on an appendage attached to the upper chamber, an area where blood clots are known to form in some patients. The device traps any clots, preventing them from traveling to the brain and triggering a Stroke.

  • Concussion Discussion

It's not uncommon for kids to bump their heads while playing outside. But how can you tell if that bump needs quick medical attention? Experts at Temple University hospital say a common bump usually causes a minor scalp injury such as a cut, scrape, or bruise along with a small amount of swelling, but that doesn't always mean there's a more serious, unerlying injury, but they say you should definitely sek medical attention if your child loses consciousness, appears confused or has trouble remembering things.

  • Good Handwriting

It's something we all practice daily, yet some folks are experts while others never seem to improve. It's handwriting and British experts say some of the trouble may just be in your head, literally. They believe the systems controlled by both the lower brain stem and the higher cognitive levels must be functioning efficiently and that simply finding a rhythm in your writing speed can help "clear" things up.

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