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The Garlic Zoom: Does It Work?

It may be cute, but these sharp blades pack a lot of punch. The Garlic Zoom is the fastest garlic chopper around. This product will only cost you ten bucks, but Does It Work? Cecelia Jones puts this product to the test.

Of course, before we start, we'll need garlic. You must peel it first. Once it is peeled, you stick the clove in the zoom. Here's how it works; it's very mechanical. The wheels at the bottom turn the gears inside the zoom that turn the blades that chop the garlic. Did you understand that? 

Put the garlic in the zoom and roll it.  When you do that, the blades turn, chopping the garlic. When you're through, you open the compartment and remove the blade. When we opened the Garlic Zoom, the garlic was chopped finely, and I couldn't believe my eyes. This product was so easy to use! And my fingers were never in harms way! 

I discovered after rolling the wheels maybe four or five times, the garlic wasn't chopped as fine. Compared to rolling it several times then I could see the garlic was in very small pieces.

The Garlic Zoom is a great kitchen gadget. You can find the Garlic Zoom at Bed Bath and Beyond and it sells for about $10.

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