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Many Doubt Survey Released Stating Lubbock Airport Will Close

As fuel costs continue to climb, some airports may have to start fighting to stay in business. That is the claim of one advocacy group and it puts Lubbock on the list.

The study by the Business Travel Coalition says airlines are paying twice as much for fuel than they did last year, and that could affect the profitability of operating some equipment

Tony Gibbs uses Lubbock International Airport usually twice a month, but if what this study says is true, he would have to change his plans. "That would be economically bad, really, really bad," says Gibbs.

The study released by the Business Travel Coalition says that some small airports are bound to close down completely, but James Loomis, Director of Aviation for the Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport, says that's ridiculous. "I was slightly flabbergasted to read what I was seeing so I contacted several other airports and people around the nation and we're all a little flabbergasted," said Loomis.

Some airline passengers say that they couldn't imagine Lubbock without an airport. "If we don't have this airport then, my gosh, we would have to go two or three times farther," said one traveler. "I don't think it's going to happen in Lubbock, Lubbock is too big and has too much going on. I don't think it will close," said another traveler. 

NewsChannel 11 tried contacting the Business Travel Coalition and left them several messages, but we did not get a call back.

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