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Food for Thought Report 6.26

We begin this Food for Thought at 6703 Slide Road. Souper Salad is our only low performer with 7 critical violations.

  • Several cold foods on the buffet were above the safe temperature of 41 degrees.
  • Employees' uncovered drinks were not in a designated area.
  • Very soiled wiping clothes were found on food contact surfaces throughout the kitchen.
  • Cooked rice did not have an expiration date.
  • A bottle of cleaner was not labeled.
  • A certified food manager was not available. According to the report, past and current inspections indicate employees did not demonstrate knowledge of proper food safety.
  • Several items in the kitchen were dirty, including: a slicer, cups, food carts, kitchen utensils and very soiled floors, walls and the ceiling.

Management says everything has been corrected, and the kitchen is much better. According to the report, two of the violations were corrected while the inspector was there.

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Food for Thought 6.26
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 6/26/08.

Now to the top of the list. The "Colonel" would be proud of this now two-time top performer.

Kentucky Fried Chicken at 7902 University had a flawless inspection.

There's no toss up about our final stop. This college hot spot known for it homemade calzones and piping hot pizza has something else to brag about.

One Guy From Italy at 1101 University now has 11 top performances. Which is more than any other Lubbock restaurant, so how does that feel?

"It feels good. It shows that hard work pays off," Dario Yocum, manager of One Guy From Italy, said.

Dario adds, hard work is the recipe for perfection, "When you care for your customers you gotta stay on top of everything. Also, I educate my employees for cleanliness. You try to be perfect every time. I'm glad we are a top performer!"

"We make everything fresh. As long as you make your own dough, sauce, like the old days, and you got good quality - you're successful."

One Guy has been located across the street from Texas Tech for the past 22 years drawing in not only the Tech crowd but Lubbockites as well. We happened to find our very own Pete Christy devouring a pepperoni pizza with his sports shadow Dylan Hayes.

While One Guy maybe synonymous for calzone, here's a little tip for the next time you place an order. "You say calzone (that's cal-zo-NAY). Plural you say calzoni (cal-zo-NE). If you want to come in you say I want a calzone. You and your husband, you say I want two calzoni."

There's a little lesson in Italian for you!

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