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Motorcycle Deaths Raise Awareness For Roadway Safety

Police tell NewsChannel 11 Thursday's motorcycle fatalities are the seventh and eighth of this year, and Greg Bruce, Vice President of UMC, says it's another reminder to make safety number one when on the roadways.

Bruce says more and more people are riding motorcycles but both riders and drivers need to be more aware.  "What's interesting is that most motorcycle accidents occur between June and October and each year, so we are only a month into the busiest motorcycle accident season," said Bruce.

Out of all the motorcycle accident patients they treat at UMC, Bruce says there have been nine motorcycle deaths this year alone, including the two on Thursday. That's already up two from last year's total of seven. 

Bruce also adds more and more people are choosing to ride on two wheels because of the high price of gas.  "I think that more folks are looking for more opportunity to save money, so they are looking at motorcycles and mopeds as an option," said Bruce.   

But if this is your option, Bruce urges all riders to take appropriate safety measures.  The most important is to always wear a helmet but it's also a good idea to wear safety gear. "Wearing appropriate gear is important for motorcyclist safety and the last thing and the last thing I think is important is consider taking a driver safety course," said Bruce. 

Family Power Sports Parts Manager Michael Purser sells motorcycles and encourages customers to buy safety gear. "I highly recommend it.  I like to see other customers safe and see them back in here another day.  So I want to make sure to get that chance," said Purser. 

But another thing is drivers also need to be more aware of motorcyclists on the roadways. 

Jesse Reyes has been riding for 12 years and he says he wishes drivers would have more consideration for bikers.  "One second could cause somebody's life.  I've lost a lot of good people a lot of friends because people aren't watching out for others," said Reyes. 

Reyes says there is always a sense of fear before he rides. "Every day that I get up and I take my bike, I always say a little prayer and I hope that that day it's not going to be me, because of someone not watching out," said Reyes. 

Some other safety tips for drivers to always be aware of cyclists on highways and especially at intersections, and treat them the same as you would another vehicle. Also keep appropriate distance and make sure to allow them a full lane.

Father & Son Killed in Motorcycle Accident
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