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American Eagle Makes Flight Cuts in Lubbock

American Eagle is cutting back on flights in Lubbock, and the number one reason for the cutbacks is high fuel prices.  It's no surprise gas prices are hurting everyone, but now getting a convenient flight may be harder.

"Now because of gas prices you fly a lot more," said American Eagle flyer Darren Smith. 

However, if that's your thinking, you may have a harder time getting a quick flight.

American Airlines is cutting 42 flights nationwide.  Its regional carrier American Eagle, which flies out of Lubbock, is cutting 2 of its ten flights to Dallas.

"The fuel prices are the main reason.  It's affecting airlines as well as everybody else," said one American Eagle traveler. 

Spokeswoman for American Airlines Andrea Hugley told NewsChannel 11 they are spending 53% more on fuel this year than they did last year.  Their gas bill is totaling $10.2 billion for this year alone with fewer  flights available, travelers could be picking up the slack.

"But since now they are going to cut it, or cut 2 flights that's more money coming out of my pocket," said Smith. 

Hugley says American Airlines are not cutting back on the cities they fly to, but the frequency of flights, which could cause some American Eagle travelers to look to other airlines. 

One traveler says he would consider going elsewhere.

"Yes..... Well I think it would get to that point yes," said an American Eagle Traveler. 

Other Texas cities like Abilene, Amarillo, and El Paso are all losing one American flight and Midland and Tyler are losing two. For Your Cell Phone
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