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Police Advise People To Make Swimming Pools Safe and Secure

When you think of summer, most people think of swimming pools, but if children are not watched properly a swimming pool could be very dangerous, especially when children are left unattended. 

Neighbors say a typical summer day of laughter and joyful noises came from the kids who splashed around in this pool, but Friday afternoon it was screams of terror as this became the scene of a near drowning.

"It happened to my neighbor next door and it'll happen to you if you don't watch your kids around the pool, any pool," said Jackie Delgado who lives across the street from where the near drowning took place.    

Neighbor Jackie Delgado, says she didn't even recognize the toddler when the owner of the home pulled the 3-year-old from the bottom of a pool and began CPR.

"He was scared real scared he tried. He was screaming.  We thought it was the pit bull because it was so blue and limp.  We thought it was the pit bull we never thought it'd be a kid," said Delgado. 

Lubbock police say it's a tragic reminder of how important it is to make sure all swimming pools are safe and secure.

"Security gates around your pool would be the main security.  If you don't have that keep an eye on your children.  Keep your doors secure that lead outside if you don't have a security gate," said Sgt. Clay Winters.    

Police say the quick action by the owner of the house is exactly what they would recommend in this emergency.

"Call 911 they can assist you with starting CPR, and do the best you can until EMS gets there," said Winters.   

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