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Depot District Past, Present, and Future

Before the early 90s, there were places people could go to meet with friends and listen to live music in Lubbock, but they were scattered all over town.  Today the Depot District has taken all these venues and concentrated them into one area.

As you walk down the Depot District you'll see live music, local art, places to meet with friends, but years ago, when Buddy Holly was singing about Peggy Sue, it looked a little different. "This building that became Hub City Brewery and is now Triple J's Chophouse was actually a vacant building," said Don Caldwell, a local music producer. 

Several other the buildings on Avenue H, now renamed Buddy Holly Avenue, were vacant as well, but in the early 90s things changed. "A lot of networking was going on with the music community and the business community, and that just got all of our interest going and just a lot of people came to the table and decided to give it a shot," Caldwell said.

When that happened, the Depot District Lubbock knows today was born.

Local Business Owner David Brooks says there is a variety of entertainment.  "We have art galleries, photography galleries, and of course your restaurants and bars and things like that," said Brooks. 

Business owners in the Depot District say it's best known for its night life and music scene. "The biggest thing is September we have the Lubbock Music Festival, and that's kind of our cornerstone every year," says Brooks.

The festival brings thousands of people and musicians from all over West Texas to Lubbock each year to celebrate Lubbock's unique music history.

Caldwell says the future of the Depot District is more than just music and bars. He thinks Lubbock citizens will see a movie theatre, more art venues, and housing in the area. There are also plans to bring in a winery and piano bar. "I think your just gonna see this entire effort embrace arts and cultural development in a way that will just expand what has been started and you'll see a lot of building blocks on that," said Caldwell.

Caldwell hopes those building blocks will keep the Depot District growing.

Find out where you can cheer on your favorite sports team, laugh to your heart's content, enjoy live music, or just dance your buns off around Lubbock.

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