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HealthWise: FDA Drug Approvals, Gun Safety, and Bionic Arms

FDA Reviews Drug Approvals

An FDA advisory panel is meeting to determine how much heart data is needed before a diabetes drug is approved. Diabetes drugs are currently approved based on how well they control blood sugar, but after the drug Avandia was found to also trigger heart trouble the panel is considering whether heart studies should also be included before approval. Some argue that it would mean longer and more expensive trials before new drugs would be available.

Surprising Info on Gun Deaths

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 55% of all gun related deaths are suicides.Homicides account for just 40% of all gun deaths and accidents made up just 3%.  Public health experts warn that families should know the risk of suicide greatly increases just by keeping a gun a home.

Bionic Arms

This is a scary reminder to let the professionals handle the fireworks this 4th of July.  Last July, in Bridgeport, West Virginia, Jason Henderson lost both of his arms when he reached down to pick up fireworks and they exploded in his hands.  Since the accident, Jason has become proficient in using two bionic arms.  Jason said, "I still have the feeling that my hands are still there, so I close my fist or open it and it picks up the electric signals in the muscles and it runs off those signals."  They are called I-Limbs and are made by Touch Bionics.  Jason is the only person in the world to have two of them.  Each costs more than $50,000.

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