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The Perfect Gift for That Special Grandparent

If you are looking for a gift for a grandparent who seems to have everything, here is an idea from Geriatric Nurse, Carolyn Philpot. Get them started with a garden, or add to it. It is an easy prescription for seniors called Horticulture Therapy. Gardening can be hard work and leave sore muscles, but health care professionals say it can also be good for the soul.

"Physically they can do something that's good. Emotionally, they can do something good because there's something that they can do to help improve their self esteem. Their self worth," says Carolyn Philpot, a Geriatric Nurse.

"Good sunshine, good warm nights, a little watering now and then. It all boils down into one thing, making stuff grow," says gardener Henry Palmer.

"I just love them. I just, flowers, any kind of flowers. I just can't get too close to them but I do what I can with my hands and that's all. Then somebody else comes out here and helps," says Eugene Brandke.

Philpot says Horticulture Therapy improves mobility, balance, endurance, and memory skills. Not to mention the social interaction that is so important to seniors. She also says Horticulture Therapy is also used to help substance abusers, people with mental illness, developmental challenges, and physical limitations. For people in wheelchairs, there is adaptive equipment you can get to make it easier for them to get involved in gardening.

For more information abouts seniors and gardening (click here).

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