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History of Lubbock, Part 6

Movies and the drive-ins were the big hot spots of the time and so were places like The Village Mill and the Hi-D-Ho drive in. Texas Tech students partied at The Cotton Club where they could enjoy acts like Elvis, Little Richard and hometown hero, Buddy Holly.

The Lubbock Symphony and the Lubbock Little Theatre continued their growth into the 1960s. Lubbockites found themselves bowling, playing miniature golf, riding the train at The Tiny Texan and they even visited the zoo at Rimrock City.

They also enjoyed The South Plains Fair every September, water-skied on Buffalo Springs Lake and enjoyed our fine furry friends the prairie dogs at Prairie Dog Town in Mackenzie Park.

Texas Tech College was growing in big ways as it was now part of the Southwest Conference. And in 1957 Lubbock Christian College opened along with the Lubbock Coliseum and Auditorium and, soon to follow, Lowrey Field.

Businesses like Sweetbrier, Levine's and JC Penney were all the craze downtown. And the new Lubbock County Courthouse opened and was the centerpiece of the growing downtown area.

People were shopping at Furr's and the Piggly Wiggly and when they went home, Lubbockites were going to brand new neighborhoods across town. The city was growing south, first to 34th Street and then to 50th Street, where businesses were flourishing.

Lubbock's medical community continued to grow with the opening of the new, $90,000 West Texas Hospital. And in 1953, several Lubbock doctors opened a new hospital in West Lubbock and donated it to the Methodist church.

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