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Stubb's BBQ Makes History In Hub City

The coliseum didn't draw all of Lubbock's big performances. Some took to a smaller stage in east Lubbock, and it was barbeque that brought them to the Hub City.

Some say Christopher B. Stubblefield, or Stubb as folks came to call him, learned to cook from his father, who served up barbeque with the gospel. He was born in Novasota, Texas, but moved to a farm outside of Lubbock as a child.

Others say his skill came from the Army, where after receiving two Purple Hearts, he was transferred to mess sergeant.  Several officers tried to have Stubb re-assigned to their unit because of his cooking.

After being honorably discharged, Stubb opened Stubb's Barbeque on E. Broadway. The building could only hold about 75 people, but the cooking and music drew folks from miles around.

One day, Stubb picked up a hitchhiker, who turned out to be Jesse "Guitar" Taylor. Taylor started a music tradition at the restaurant that brought folks like Willie Nelson, B.B. King and more.  Tom T. Hall even wrote a song about Stubb's barbeque called The Great E. Broadway Onion Championship of 1978.

Stubb cooked for presidents, governors, and the stars. Now Stubb's Barbeque is located in Austin, but its home is still in the Hub City. You can still find Stubb's Barbeque Sauce on local store shelves.

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