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Look Into Lubbock's Future From A Lubbockites Perspective

NewsChannel 11's Centennial Tour week was full of Lubbock themes -cotton, Texas Tech, water and entertainment to name a few. So it goes without saying those things that built this city will probably carry it into the future, too.

Texas Tech's goal of 40,000 students and the Lake Alan Henry pipeline project are some of what Lubbock officials are talking about but what are citizens talking about? We stopped several people at the 4th on Broadway to find out.

"Lubbock is just really progressing more and more. We love Lubbock," said Becky Hernandez.

"It's just a good place to live I think," said another Lubbockite.

That pretty much goes without saying so what about the future? If you can look into your crystal ball for the next 100 years, what do you see for the Hub City?

"Growth. More businesses, more growth," said Stella Santos.

"The growth. It seems like we're growing like crazy. We're soon going to be like Ft. Worth and Dallas I believe," Said Eva and David Rudisill. 

Dallas/Ft. Worth, really? Well if you think they're alone in that thinking you'd be wrong.

"A big metroplex area, kind of like the Austin/San Antonio area," said David Small.

"Oh, something very exciting. More schools, more jobs, more things that people can do around Lubbock and come and visit and enjoy. A good vacation place," added Becky Hernandez.

That's what some of you predicted but, as with most things, I guess we'll all just have to wait and see.

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