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Cavities in Kids Linked to Sippy Cups

At the tender age of four, little Logan is already learning what it means to have a cavity. Dr. Sidney Price says this toddler is among a growing trend of young children developing tooth decay. Not because they slept with a bottle as an infant. Parents know now not to do that. "A lot of times, they think a sippy cup is okay, and it can do the same damage," says Dr. Price.

The theory is in the juice. Just like when it sits in a bottle, the juice over time can severely damage young teeth tied to that sippy cup. Just look at how sugary drinks ate away at these children's teeth. That means little ones as young as three or four are getting root canals, stainless steel fillings, caps and even crowns.

So dentists say parents should regulate sippy cups just like bottles, giving cups with one part juice and two parts water and make sure the juice is 100% juice and not a sugar flavored drink.

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