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Fourth Of July Fireworks Cost Lubbock County Thousands To Clean Up

They may only cost a couple of dollars to shoot, but Fourth of July fireworks are costing Lubbock County taxpayers nearly $15,000 to clean up. However, were told that is a cost savings. NewsChannel 11 explains how team efforts by the county and Adult Probation are saving taxpayers' money to clean up the mess.

It's a tradition of color that sparkles throughout the night. However, the clean up can last days. "There were a lot of fire crackers out there. We had a whole trailer full of trash," Donald Monson said.

Monson is on probation and currently working to get clean of drugs at Lubbock County Adult Probation Court Residential Treatment Center. As part of the program, he along with nearly a dozen others from the facility spent Saturday walking county roads and filling trash bags.

"Just barely getting started Monday morning and we have quite a bit left out here," Lubbock County Work Release Road Manager Gary Jones said.  

On this day, Jones says he'll make between 20 to 30 stops to clean up resident's Fourth of July fun. "We have a lot more trash on the roads than we did last year," Jones added.

After just a couple of hours of work, crews filled a trailer full of trash from this weekend's Fourth of July celebrations. Jones says they will haul two or three trailers away in just one day. "We'll probably pick up anywhere from 100 to 200 bags of trash today," he added.

That's just one day of efforts by one crew. Jones says he along with a handful of other crews plan to spend the next week picking up trash bags like those Monson already filled. "Without those guys it's probably two or three weeks worth of work," Jones said.

Jorge Medina is a shift leader at the Lubbock County Court Residential Treatment Center. He says, "They've (residents) done something wrong in the community and this is their opportunity to help out and give back to the community."

This is the second year Lubbock County has teamed with Adult Probation to clean up county roads after the Fourth of July. Lubbock County's Director of Public Works says the program saves the county nearly $15,000. However, we are told more could be saved if people would clean up their own mess after shooting off fireworks.

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