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Harder to Hide: Tougher Registration for Sex Offenders

How do you know that person you just passed on your way in to the store isn't a sex offender? Or what about workers inside a church? Or even the grocery store? Now you'll be able to find out. 

The Department of Public Safety is working on a new database that will provide new information about where a registered sex offenders works. It's a new requirement by the federal government.  DPS says you'll be able to look up the name of the business and the address.  Right now, that information is not online.

Who is behind the changes?  You may know him as the crime busting host on FOX's America's Most Wanted. 

John Walsh's son, Adam Walsh, was abducted and killed 27 years ago and he's been fighting for tougher laws on sex offenders.  In 2006, President Bush signed the Adam Walsh Act which will require all states to toughen registration requirements.  The final guidelines, that were release last week, requires states to provide employment information.

DPS says they will be going live with their new database in late summer.  We'll let you know when it is up and running. 

To read the final requirements, (click here).

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